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Advantages of the wedge type scaffolds
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Advantages of the wedge type scaffolds

  • Our scaffolds are featured by the quality guarantee and low price. The EURO exchange rate makes the Polish products extremely beneficial
  • The basic unit of 102 m2 cost is only 6.090,00 PLN (1.480,- €) - SEE OUR PRICES.
  • Polish customers have recognized this type as a best facade-scaffold - SEE THE POLISH USERS CATALOGUE.
  • WEDLE type scaffold is a 'LEGO brick scaffold', best solution in mountain area.
  • perfect solution for the sites with various ground level such as: stairs, excavations, scarps, natural slopes, as well as reservoirs and chimney stacks
  • Easy and quick mounting by three workers - SEE THE PICTURE
  • The platforms can be put every 50 cm
  • Small space needed for transportation and storage
  • When dismantled is it only a set of the rods and parts
  • Can be used as a on-wall scaffold fixed to the wall, tower type, free standing, space type or other one
  • Standard width of the working platform 105 cm or 75 cm, other width available on request
  • Due to the operational use value our scaffold has been granted a Commodity Mark 'Wiekopolska Jakość' (quality in region Wielkopolska)
  • If our product quality will have not met Your expectations within one month you can cancel your order
  • The platforms in the erected scaffold can be moved to any level
  • The scaffold parts can be used for the construction of concert hall, temporary roof, etc.
  • Can be used as a supporting structure
  • Can be erected on the wheels.
  • Anti corrosion protection , painted or zinc coated
  • Available from the stock. The additional parts can be purchased for the extension to the early delivered scaffold
  • Unique design registered in the Patent Office, high stability proven by means of the wedge type interconnections resulting in self-stiffening of the scaffold
  • The scaffolds have been tested and approved by the Instytut Budownictwa i Inzynierii Sanitarnej (Construction and Sanitary Engineering Institute)
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