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The machine makes it possible to ensure a significantly higher heel binding strength by using a screw instead of a standard central nail. The machine has been designed to screw in large screws (20 and 25 mm) at a preset angle which is most advantageous for the shape of the heel. The tapered head of the screw (10 mm in diameter) rests on the edges of a steel insole reiforcement. As a result, the heel does not become loose when the insole material undergoes degradation due to the effects of perspiration and moisture. The design of the screwing mechanism ensures strong attachment of the insole to the heel and guarantees that the thread in the heel will not be stripped. If heel replacement is required, the screw can be removed using a standard screwdriver while the remaining nails can be removed, without damage to the insole, by means of a HEEL NAIL PULLER produced by IRLEH.

The machine complies with CE regulations.
We provide a guarantee and after-guarantee service.

size 670x1100x2030
weight 150 kg
output 800 par/8h
working pressure 0,6 MPa

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