Irleh Lisiewicz Sp. j. - producent
Spichrzowa 6, 62-200 Gniezno,
tel. +48 61 426-70-33 / +48 61 426-90-62
Footwear machinery
Lasting machinery - for shoes repair
Cylindrical Punching machinery
Special machinery - polishing equipment
Punching dice for footwear production
Punching dice for upholstery
Instrument and spare parts
Rusztowania elewacyjne
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About company

We are the Polish company that produces the technical equipment over 25 years.

Our production profile is the following:
  • scaffolds
  • footwear machinery
  • machinery for shoes repair
At the beginning our activity was focused in region Wielkopolska from which we come from. We follow our regional tradition and we maintain high product quality. Now we cooperate with the companies all over Poland. Among the others, we have customers in Western Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania.

All necessary information about us and our product range you can find here.

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IRLEH Lisiewicz Sp. j. Scaffolds, footwear machinery, machinery for shoes repair
phone +48 61 426-70-33, +48 61 426-90-62, +48 603708628
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